14 october - 18 november 

Gelia Pisareva



писарева геля


Gelya Pisareva ( a sculptor, painter and graphic)

Was born in 1933, in Leningrad.

 In 1955 she graduated from Leningrad Taurian Art School (now the N.K.Rerih's St. Petersburg Art School), continuing her education till her graduation in 1961 from the Faculty of Sculpture at I.E.Repina's USSR Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture Academy of Arts, in the workshop of V.B.Pinchuk. A constant participant of exhibitions since then.

A Member of the Union of artists since 1967 and an active participant of exhibitions of association "Art-Kolomyagi" (" Village of Artists") since 1990.



1975 Exhibition together with the painter V.Shagin

1983 Personal exhibition. Szeged. Hungary;

1987 Products of the Bulgarian artists. Plovdiv. Bulgaria;

1990 Group 6. Toronto. Canada;

1991 Personal exhibition in gallery "Modern art" Leningrad;

1991 Group 6. University. Stockholm;

1991 Exhibition in gallery "Raisa". Erfurt. Germany;

1991 Art fair. Sinsheim. Germany.

1993 Personal exhibition in the Museum of a city sculpture of SPb;

1995 Personal выстовка in a museum of city art Tyumen

1997 Exhibition in Museum in Moscow;

1998 Exhibition in the State Tretyakov gallery Moscow;

2001 Personal exhibition in Central Exhibition Hall the Arena of SPb;

2004 Personal exhibition in the Museum of city sculpture SPb;

2005 Personal exhibition in the State Russian Museum SPb;

2007 Personal exhibition in gallery Matisse of SPb;

2009 Personal exhibition in gallery "Matisse" of SPb

2009 Exhibition "After summer" SPb the Creative union of artists

2010 Exhibition Central Exhibition Hall "Manej" of SPb "Companionable association of artists of Shuvalovo-Ozerki in Kolomyagi"

And as the participant of exhibitions and symposiums:

2003 "City" Central Exhibition Hall the Arena of SPb

2004 "Book" Central Exhibition Hall the Arena of SPb

2004 "Indian summer" of Ozerki of SPb

2005 "Carnival" Central Exhibition Hall the Arena of SPb

2006 "an art Raft" Ozerki of SPb

2007 "Collage" Russian State Museum SPb

2008 "Art on water" Ozerki SPb

2008 International symposium in Wales, England


Works kept in Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow; Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; Russian State Museum, St.-Petersburg; The State museum of a city sculpture, St.-Petersburg; Collection of Modern Art, Exhibition Hall Manege, St.-Petersburg; Museum of Toys, St. Petersburg; Museum of Dolls, St. Petersburg; Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Tyumen; Private individual collections in Russia and abroad.





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