Татьяна Назаренко


 24 June I944 - born in



I955-62 - Moscow Secondary Art School at the Surikov Institute


1962-68 - The Surikov State Institute of Fines Arts, Moscow


(under A.M. Gritsai, D.D. Zhilinsky, V.I. Shilnikov)


1966 - started participating in exhibitions


1969 -joined the Union of Artists of the Soviet Union


1969-72 - worked at the workshop of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Soviet Union under G.M. Korzhev



I969 - the first field trip to Italy 971 - gives birth to her son, Nicholas


1972 - recipient of the Moscow Komsomol Prize for the «Execution of Narodniks»


I975 - the first group exhibition at Vavilova St.(T. Nazarenko, O. Poshakov, O. Vukolov, I. Orlov, V. Rozhnev)


1976 - recipient of the First Prize at the International Exhibition at Sophia (Bulgaria)


1 978 - visit to the International School of Arts, Voss, Norway


1982 - opening of the exhibition Russian Art of Today at the Levy Gallery, Hamburg. From


that time and till 1986 (perestroika) T. Nazarenko was not allowed to go abroad


1987 - gives birth to another son, Alexander


I 987 - Silver Medal awarded by the Academy of Fine Arts of the Soviet Union


1 987 - the first personal exhibition at Kiev, Odessa, Lvov


1987 - the first personal exhibition at Leverkuzen, Germany


1988 - field trip to the Russian Art Exhibition on the invitation


of  Peter Ludwig to Cologne and participation at the Sotheby's auction at Moscow


1989  - the first personal exhibition at Moscow, the Central House of Artists. Loginiv's documentary on T. Nazarenko's works Moscow Documentary Studio


1989 - the first field trip to New York


1993 - State prizewinner for the exhibitions Tatyana's Day at the State Tretyakov Gallery


1994 - one-day personal exhibitions in Rome (Italy), Prague (the Czech Republic), Bucharest (Hungary), Beijing (China)


1998 - associate of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts


I999 - head of a workshop at the Surikov State Academy of Fine Arts, professor


1999 - recipient of the Moscow Government prize


2001 - full-fledged member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Board member


2003 - Honoured Artist of Russia


Selected publik and privat collections


The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg


Arkhangelsk Museum of Fine Art


Bryansk Museum of Fine Art


Vologda Museum of Fine Art


Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum


Ivanovo Art Museum


Irkutsk Museum of Fine Art


Museum of Eastern and Western Art, Kiev


Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow


Nikolaev Art Museum


Novokuznetsk Art Museum


Penza Art Museum


Perm State Museum of Fine Art


Rostov Art Museum, Rostov-on-Don


The Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov


Taganrog Art Museum


Tver Museum of Fine Art


Tomsk Museum of Fine Art


Tula Museum of Fine Art


Tumen Museum of Fine Art


Tchelyabinsk Art Museum


Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Art Museum


The Arbat-Prestige Museum, Moscow


Museum Ludwig, Cologne


Museum of Art, Rostock


Museum of Modern Art, Sofia


Zimmerii Art Museum, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,


New Brunswick


Duke Museum of Art, The Duke University, Durham


El Museo del Fondo del Sol, Washington, D.C.


INTART Foundation, New York


Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest


National Gallery, Berlin


National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.


National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.


Patricia O. Ewers Center for the Arts, Pace University, New York


Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava


Cremona Foundation, Maryland


Collection of Vladimir Semionov, Moscow


Collection of Aleksandr & Tamara Beresin, Providence


Collection of Michel Brochetain, Paris


Collection of Ibrahim Halif Guran, Istanbul


Collection of Eric Degove, Paris


Collection of Catherine Mamet, Paris


Collection of Susan Robinson, Washington


Collection of Von Oldenburg, Bremen


Collection of Hans d'Orville, New York


Collection of Manfred Taeter, Aachen


Collection of Kalervo Hentila, Helsinki


Collection of Schnapke, Dusseldorf


Collection of Eric Schorpion, Brussels


Collection of Yu. Traisman, New York


Collection of A. Willenstein, Paris


Collection of M. Krasnov, Moscow


Collection of Ernesto Martins, Lisbon


Collection of Aleksandr Valger, New York


Collection of Frederick R. Weisman, Los Angeles



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